MAD End of Year Party

We celebrated the ending of another great year of MAD last Tuesday (April 24th) in the HOP.

We began with a group photo, after which leaving adult and student volunteers were recognized, attendance awards were given to Vivekanand students (who had perfect attendance from Core Levels 1-6 and Foundations), and each level gave a short performance, which ranged from humorous to inspirational.

We watched a reenactment of the three little pigs, listened to level 6’s dreams for the future and the causes and effects of environmental issues from the precollege level. Foundations, a new MAD level created just this year, also performed a short song and dance during their second attempt after being overtaken by nerves the first time! Each Vivekanand student also received a snackbox and juice afterwards.

Here are some photos from Tuesday. It’s been a great end to a great year!


2016-17 Recap: This Year’s Newsletters

We’ve had an eventful year for MAD, from creating the foundations level to introducing a new and expanded leadership team (and that’s hardly speaking for the diligence our HS and parent volunteers continue to put into this program)!

To keep track of all that has happened, here are all the MAD newsletters for the 2016-17 school year.

Edition 6            Edition 5             Edition 4             Edition 3              Edition 2             Edition 1


The MAD Leadership Team

2017 Student Leaders Announcement

MAD is committed to choosing the best high schoolers to lead our organization. We look across AES to enroll the very top students as MAD Volunteers, and from that exceptional pool, we make an onerous and challenging selection each year. Gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation do not factor in our decision-making process; therefore, we do not have any quotas or gender-based systems.

This year, MAD was blessed with some of the strongest applicants ever. Each and every one of them had shown exceptional dedication to the program, and the adult leaders spoke very highly of all the candidates. It was also an extremely competitive application, with only around 20% of applicants receiving a core leadership position. We think that figure is a testament to how involved and committed MAD volunteers in general are. Truly, we were impressed with the ingenuity, dedication, and sheer excellence presented to us during the application process. 

Our decision ultimately came down to more than just strong dedication, regular attendance, and productivity in class. We chose our team based on how they had already lead classes, actively recruited, volunteered to help on weekends, brought creative ideas to us, showed tremendous passion, demonstrated that MAD was a high priority, and most importantly, taken the initiative at every turn. We are thus very proud to present the MAD Student Leadership Team 2017:

Anant Vasudevan, as the President
Orsolya Bardos, as Vice President
Yeryeon Seo, as Vice President

Amit Naftali, as the Head Coordinator
Prahersh Kumar, as Secretary
Mrinalini Wadhwa, as Deputy Secretary

Arnav Gulati, as the Levels 6 -8 Coordinator and Liaison to Access to Education
Kish Dubey, as the Levels 4 & 5 Coordinator and Director of Recruitment
Keshnen Yogaindran, as the Levels 2 & 3 Coordinator and Attendance Manager
Chloe Rho, as the Level 1 + Foundations Coordinator and Liaison to Middle School

Former President Shreyas Rajesh will remain in the leadership team as a Senior Advisor, along with former Vice President Dev Gulati.

MAD looks eagerly to the year ahead with this new team!

MAD Newsletter: Edition 6

As 2016–and MAD this semester–comes to a close, we’re happy to present edition six of the MAD Newsletters for the 2016-2017 year. This has some information on the MAD Christmas Party as well as important contact information for anyone with unresolved questions or problems.

Click Here to read it!


The MAD Leadership Team

Fall Fiesta

This Fall Fiesta (the school wide event which raises money for our service clubs, including MAD!), MAD continued its tradition of having one of the best booths.

This year our booth was ring toss. and though we never had this activity before, our volunteers rose to the challenge, bringing bagfuls of candy voluntarily (pun intended), their artistic skills to our poster and their enthusiasm to their duties in directing the event, which made our booth a lot of fun!

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed. Check out some pictures!


Pre-College Media Project

The Pre-College level of Make A Difference strives to ensure that MAD students are capable of conversing, reading and writing at the level that is expected of undergraduates in India. One of the topics the class is exploring this year is that of the media. Essential questions include: what is the media? How does it impact our lives? How can we trust the media and identify bias?


Students in the course have been working hard to answer these, perhaps challenging questions. While doing so, the teachers have also made sure to equip them with writing and reading skills. Yet the class also strives to be engaging, fun, and creative; hence, all students completed a project in which they created a poster to discuss the media and its impact. These posters were beautiful, and they truly demonstrate the exceptional capabilities of MAD students.

Shown below are pictures from the class as they worked on their posters.

img_3331 img_3335 img_3336 img_3342