Student FAQs

Who can be a student volunteer? How do you become one?

We welcome all AES High School students to join MAD, which is a High School service club. In the beginning of both semesters (August and January), MAD will have a booth in the activities mela where you can sign up. If you or a friend would like to join MAD midway through a semester, please contact our leadership team first (either Orsi Bardos, class of 2018, or Yeryeon Seo, class of 2019) to make the appropriate arrangements if and when this can work out.

How can I take a more hands-on teaching role?

If you would like to take a greater role in the classroom, we encourage you to develop your teaching abilities through our annual professional development session (which you can read more about in our resources page) and collaborate more actively with your level head adult volunteer to take more responsibilities in class. Note that levels including the Precollege MAD level and the Foundations level will have more hands-on student work as the lessons are developed by the volunteers, though there are opportunities for hands-on work in all levels. If you are really interested in developing and amending curriculum, consider applying for a coordinator position (which you can read more about here)!

I’m an IB student. Can I get service credit or any other opportunities?

MAD is officially recognised by the service council; therefore, the effort you put in will be recognised if you choose to pursue IB diploma. Additionally, MAD is a great place to launch CAS projects; we have had many successful projects in the past, including an MUN-style simulation for our upper-level students, a program to engage our students with technology, and a clean-up Vivekanand campaign. What will you come up with next? 🙂

How developed does my English need to be?

We have levels ranging from 1-8, so as long as you have basic comprehension abilities of English we can find a spot that suits you best in MAD. If you feel your English is not proficient enough to teach the more academic and hands-on level 7 or 8, we can put you in one of our intermediate levels or in levels 1 or 2 with beginners learning basic English. Even EAL volunteers have had a meaningful experience in MAD, so don’t let your English proficiency limit you!

Do I need to speak Hindi? What would my role me as a Hindi speaker?

You do not need to speak Hindi–in fact it is advised from level three upwards that if you are a Hindi speaker you refrain from speaking in Hindi to allow students to practice speaking in English as much as possible. However, if you are a Hindi speaker, we would value your abilities in our newly-founded Foundations level or in level 1 or 2, where students speak very little English and Hindi can be a useful tool to communicate new ideas. If you have more questions regarding appropriate situations in which to use Hindi, we encourage you to speak with your level lead teacher to better understand the situation for your specific level.

Do I need to come on Mondays and Tuesdays?

You only need to come on one of the two days MAD is operational, though if you’d like (many enthusiastic volunteers often do this), you can volunteer on both days. We understand that this is difficult for many HS students with MESAC and other after-school activities, so please choose an option which works best for you and your level!

Should I ever have to discipline a Vivekanand student in class?

No – in the event that a Vivekanand student is showing behavioural issues, please inform your adult teacher or adult level lead teacher, both of whom are instructed to handle the situation. Even if your adult volunteer asks you to step in, please do not as this is their duty, not yours.

How do I change my MAD volunteering day?

Though we hope that you can be consistent with your MAD teaching day (if you are only doing Monday or Tuesday, as do most MAD volunteers), we understand that with changing MESACs and other activities you may need to change the day you volunteer. If this occurs, please contact the MAD HS secretary and/or deputy secretary, Prahersh Kumar (; class of 2018) and Mrinalini Wadhwa (; class of 2020) respectively. Also, inform your level lead teacher so that he or she can make the necessary arrangements in ample time.

If you have an unanswered question, please feel free to contact our leadership team or your level lead teacher.