Student Responsibilities


  • Be on time for every class. If you cannot attend a session, let your adult head know as soon as possible.
  • Collect and drop Vivekanand students from Gate 2.
  • Bring snacks and water for the students.
  • Help your teachers in any way you can.

MAD also participates in the Fall Fiesta fundraising event each year. Though MAD does not utilize funds outlaid to the Service Council, student volunteers are still encouraged to contribute during the event by volunteering at our booth. 

Other roles which you may have can include:

  • Planning and leading lessons
  • Making and Grading Assessments.
  • Coordinating with other teachers.
  • Making or influencing executive decisions, such as level placements, or expulsions.

Pre – College Teachers: Your role will involve more hands-on work with curriculum development and assessment. Please check with Dr. Frazier and your level coordinator and lead teachers for more information.