Joining HS Leadership

IMG_5574If you’re an AES volunteer who has been in MAD for anything between a few months and a few years, and are interested in giving back to the program, we encourage you to apply for a leadership position on our High School leadership team!



Applying for Leadership

All Make A Difference HS Volunteers are welcome to apply to be a Coordinator, Secretary, or Vice-President of Make A Difference once they have completed at least one semester of service. Presidency positions can be earned after one semester of vice-presidency; thus students interested in eventually being President need to first serve as Vice-President.

Click here to read the position descriptions.

The Application

Our leadership application process consists of a series of mini-essays and an extended IMG_3578 2interview with Dr. Cantrill, the High School MAD director, and the current President and two Vice Presidents for that year. Applications open in the fall of a new school year.

2017 Leadership

The application for 2017 positions has officially been closed, and all new leaders have been selected. Read the 2017 Student Leaders Announcement here! Applications for 2018 will open in the fall of this year.