Adult FAQs

Who can be an adult volunteer?

We welcome AES parents, faculty and any other adult member of our school’s expanded community. If you’re interested in being an adult volunteer or know someone who is, reach us at

Do I need a degree or any other certification in education?

MAD welcomes anyone with a passion for teaching, and official certification is not needed to teach. However, if you’re interested in developing your teaching skills, we invite you to attend our annual professional development session which you can read more about in our resources page.

How developed does my English need to be?

We have levels ranging from 1-8, so as long as you have basic comprehension abilities of English we can find a spot that suits you best in MAD. If you feel your English is not proficient enough to teach the more academic and hands-on level 7 or 8, we can put you in one of our intermediate levels or in levels 1 or 2 with beginners learning basic English.

Do I need to speak Hindi? What would my role me as a Hindi speaker?

You do not need to speak Hindi–in fact it is advised from level three upwards that if you are a Hindi speaker you refrain from speaking in Hindi to allow students to practice speaking in English as much as possible. However, if you are a Hindi speaker, we would value your abilities in our newly-founded Foundations level or in level 1 or 2, where students speak very little English and Hindi can be a useful tool to communicate new ideas. If you have more questions regarding appropriate situations in which to use Hindi, we encourage you to speak with your level lead teacher to better understand the situation for your specific level.

Do I need to come on Mondays and Tuesdays?

You only need to come on one of the two days MAD is operational, though if you’d like (many enthusiastic volunteers often do this), you can volunteer on both days.

Should I let a high school student discipline a Vivekanand student?

No – in the event that a Vivekanand student is showing behavioural issues, please do your best to address it with your adult teaching team. If this is a serious and/or recurring problem, ensure that your level lead teacher reports to MAD leadership so that disciplinary action can be taken.

If you have an unanswered question, please feel free to contact our leadership team or your level lead teacher.