Our Work

At MAD, we want to make sure that the education we are providing has a meaningful impact on the Vivekanand Students. Over the years, we have made we have made strong progress in both improving the English skills of our group and in empowering the Vivekanand students to attend college after high school graduation. 

College Scholarships
Laxmi and ChandaThree students last year were recommended by the MAD Pre-College Level teaching team to receive scholarships for their first year of college. Three ex-students of MAD, who are now too old to attend the program, are already receiving scholarships. It is the hope of the Pre-College team that by the end of 2016-17 year, five other MAD students will also be enrolled in a university. Laxmi and Chanda, pictured to the left, are two former MAD students who are now in college. They visit class occasionally (when they have time!) and inspire other MAD students–and AES students–with their hard work, ambition and dedication to this program.


Empowering Everyone

IMG_3968Recently it was observed that there are students who may be in their later years of high school but still have very low English proficiency. This lead to the establishment of the Foundations level this year in MAD, for older Vivekanand students with very low English proficiency. This level’s curriculum is still work-in-progress but demonstrates this program’s dedication to empowering all enthusiastic Vivekanand students to have a better future.

Want to get a better look at MAD and the MAD community? Here are some videos you can check out!

  • Thank You Ms. Heather – December 2015
    One of our sponsors for Make A Difference throughout the years has been the amazing Ms. Heather. Her donations have enabled students to purchase school supplies, and they have helped MAD students pursue formal education. As a thank you for her, a high school student, Young Jae Kim, was contracted to make
    this video.
  • End of Year – May 2015
    This  video was made by MAD students at the end of 2015 to celebrate the phenomenal year we had all enjoyed.

Interested in being a part of MAD? If you’re an AES adult community member or a High School student, we welcome you to join us!