Pre-College Level

As of Fall 2017, the Pre-college new syllabus will be implemented. Formal information will be released on August 16th, 2017. In the meantime, please refer to the following information:

The MAD Pre-college course is designed to help high school students obtain the English literacy skills necessary for success both in college and later on in life. The classes are significantly more challenging than other classes in MAD program; therefore, only the most dedicated and skilled students enroll in the class. In line with the MAD vision and mission, it is the ultimate aim of this course to ensure exceptional Vivekanand students are enrolled in college and equipped with the English skills necessary to succeed there.

        Pre-collegiate preparation at MAD is a three-year process. Students progress from Pre-college year one to Pre-college year two, finishing with Pre-college year three (PC 1,2,3).  The distinction between the years is nuanced. Placement is based on a student’s abilities, and it is typically determined by their ability to think analytically. Graduation from the Pre-college levels, and to an extent, graduation from MAD occurs when a student begins attending college or completes PC 3. Even for a student in college, the doors to the class remain wide open; once enrolled, a student is part of the Pre-college level until PC 3 is completed.

        Naturally, the expectations for students are high. All incoming students must be confident, strong English speakers, and they should be somewhat experienced readers and writers. The idea being that the first six levels served as a Step-Out foundation, and now, students must Step-Up. Once in the class, they will find themselves pushed beyond what they perceived were their limits. Much of the subject matter is esoteric and involved. Most of the classwork is significantly harder than the assignments given to Indian students by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It is the aim of this course to elevate student’s literacy skills, not to teach the simpler CBSE or Step – Up learning targets.

        Over the course of the year, the class shifts between its three major components: literacy, humanities, and application. The literacy part tends to be the most challenging part of the course, and it focuses extensively on analytical writing and reading. Literacy is taught within the context of humanities, which includes a broad range of topics from inquiry in science to the manifestation of corruption in the media. As per our recent partnership with Access to Education, the application section of the course includes interview skills and college application assistance.

The Pre-College level at MAD (level 7) is entirely run by high school students under the auspices of Dr. Mary Catherine Frazier. The core philosophy of the class is to empower its students to pursue higher-level education. Topics covered throughout the year include: the role of music in our lives, corruption in the Indian government, environmental problems of the 21st century, and women’s rights. The main skills covered throughout the year are the ability to write arguable essays and analyse complex texts.


Old Materials
View the syllabus, list of standards, class outline, and writing rubric for 2016 – 2017.
Standards        Curriculum        Writing Rubric       Class Outline

Attached below is a text level seven students discussed in class in 2014 and a thesis activity level seven students completed in 2016.

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