Welcome to MAD.

Core Philosophy

Every child has a right to an English education, regardless of their socio-economic status. No other ability is as crucial to success as fluency and literacy in English in our times. Here in India, English opens the doors of college to many students; furthermore, most jobs have English fluency as one of their basic stipulations. In other words, English skills are pivotal in obtaining both financial success and social security in our world.

The unfortunate reality is that in India, formal English education is poor, at best. We hope to change this. As privileged individuals, we believe we can truly make a difference in the lives of our students by building English skills. 


MAD works with the Vivekanand students who live across the street from AES. Students from Vivekanand enter our campus every Monday and Tuesday after school to engage in quality English learning. Funded by both the generous donations of countless benefactors, and the parent-student association here at AES, we are able to support Vivekanand students as they seek a college education. Our goal is to ultimately change the Vivekanand camp such that its youth can choose their careers based on their potential and interests and not their financial constraints. We hope to “bridge” the social inequality between us and Vivekanand by providing English education.

One of the most unique aspects of MAD is how it bridges the three communities centered at the American Embassy School: the students, the faculty and parents, and the Vivekanand students across the street. AES HS Students are also presented with a unique opportunity to teach classes and act as instructors. The program is jointly run by a team of parents and high-achieving HS students. 

Our Journey

MAD began with a handful of Vivekanand students in one classroom; now, we are spread out across the high school, and our program involves more than one hundred twenty people annually. Many of our Vivekanand Students who joined MAD all those years ago are now in college. We hope for the number to keep increasing imageswith the enrolment of some of our current top-level students, who are currently enrolled in our Pre-College English class. Our student volunteers are more committed than ever, our parent and faculty teachers are pioneering amazing new English pedagogies, and our Leadership Team remains phenomenal. 

We are always looking to expand, and invite you to join us if you’re an AES adult community member or High School student.

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